Strengthening Customer Relationships

Offer your customers more from your dealership.


Version 6.0 features and functionality:
  • Sign up – A ‘referred by’ box was added to the customer sign up form
  • Sign Up – Password criteria is displayed on the sign-up form
  • Specials – Specials page can be set so that customers and guests see different specials
  • Order Parts – Customers are forced to select a branch from location dropdown prior to searching parts or bulk adding parts if they do not have a default location set (for all guests and for logged in customers)
  • Order Parts - Additional availability for parts is shown on the parts search screen via pop-up rather than a separate page
  • Order Parts - Customers can edit/modify their saved carts
  • Order Parts – Additional compact utility tractor and gator quick reference guides added
  • Parts On-Site – Customers can search for parts in their on-site cabinets on the parts cabinet detail page
  • Bulk Oil – Customers have the ability to create a bulk oil tank and request replenishment
  • My Equipment - Equipment change requests will be emailed to the dealership once a day instead of with every request
  • Admin /Customers - "Added by" (name of admin or self-sign up) column was added to the customer grid
  • Admin/Settings – The dealership can select a default location for the parts search box for guest orders
  • Admin/Settings - All email notifications verbiage updates were moved into one tab in Settings
  • Admin/Parts Order - Additional parts order status options were added to the parts order filters (All, New, In process, In Inventory, On order, Invoiced, Not Found). New show by default.
  • Admin/Parts Orders - Failed parts orders can be automatically resubmitted to EQUIP through using a "Resubmit to EQUIP" button on the parts details
  • Admin/Parts Orders – Admins can view the failure message of why a parts orders failed
  • Admin – Turning off configurable features (Parts Returns, Value Added Services, Shipping) will hide the corresponding pages from the menu on admin side

Would you like to see specific new functionality in Please request a feature. All feature requests are taken into consideration with each new version release. 
  We went live with in August of 2013, with the intention of supporting 30 to
40 different customers.  We now have well over 100 active customers utilizing the product and growing.  What a game changer!  This has given our customers the opportunity to manage their accounts better, as well as free up valuable administration time internally, by not having to look up and reprint multiple customer invoices each time they had accounting questions.  

Overall, has turned out to be a great investment for our organization, and has become something we now wonder how we ever did without. The product just works.  Downtime has been second to none, and allows us to stay on task without additional interruptions.  I cannot wait to see what else this product has in store for us in the future…  

Brian Martin, LandMark Implement

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