Strengthening Customer Relationships

Offer your customers more from your dealership.

Order Parts

Your customers can search for parts by part number, description, or parts catalog lookup, view availability and pricing, and place an order.

Request Service

Your customers can make a request for service on their own time 24/7 so that you can call and schedule that service with them during dealership hours.

Pay Invoices Online

Your customers can view their account balance, search for and print invoices, and pay off any unpaid invoices via bank account or credit card.

View Transaction History

Your customers can view, search and sort their full transaction history for all of their EQUIP accounts using one login and from any device. 

Browse Equipment

Your customers can request to add to, modify or remove any pieces of equipment you have on record for them, as well as browse your used equipment for sale directly from MachineFinder. 

View Rental Contracts

Your customers can view, search and sort any open or closed rental contracts they have with your dealership. 
  We went live with in August of 2013, with the intention of supporting 30 to
40 different customers.  We now have well over 100 active customers utilizing the product and growing.  What a game changer!  This has given our customers the opportunity to manage their accounts better, as well as free up valuable administration time internally, by not having to look up and reprint multiple customer invoices each time they had accounting questions.  

Overall, has turned out to be a great investment for our organization, and has become something we now wonder how we ever did without. The product just works.  Downtime has been second to none, and allows us to stay on task without additional interruptions.  I cannot wait to see what else this product has in store for us in the future…  

Brian Martin, LandMark Implement

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